OTUS Company Overview & Product Introduction

Company Overview

*      Establishment: Jan., 2014

  • Main investor: VIVOTEK INC. (100% fully owned)
  • Location
    • Taipei (HQ): 3F., No. 192, Liancheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City
    • ShenZhen: 深圳市寶安區前海卓越时代廣場C棟1702室

*      Business

  • Video chipset sales
    • Turnkey solutions for various panoramic car DVR
    • Design service for customizations

Partners & Customers

SoC Roadmap

  • 2nd gen. fisheye de-warping
  • Multi-frame fusion HDR
  • LPDDR2 SiP
  • 28nm process

SoC Specification Highlight

  • *Inputs: up to max. 4-ch with individual ISP
  • *2nd generation de-warping (fisheye correction)
  • *Support multi-fusion HDR *Support WDR (local tone mapping)
  • *12b high resolution and temperature resistance ADC
  • *High quality 24-b audio codec *User friendly GUI tool
  • *Low power consumption: 28nm low power process
  • *OTUS proprietary Wi-Fi protocol for remote control
  • *Linux based SDK for dash cam and 4G LTE support

OT8502/OT8600 Comparison Table

Panoramic Car DVR

1-CH Panoramic Car DVR

2-CH Fisheye Car DVR

Resolution Suggestion

AI Companion Solution

  • *AI NPU: partnership with Kneron
  • *Companion chipset: no extra SPI flash is necessary for KL520. Model and  boot code is stored in the shared flash with OTUS chipset.
  • *Ready model: Vehicle, pedestrian, human face, human gender, face identification
  • *Ready features: FCWS, RCWS, PD
  • *Future new model availability:
    • 1.Customer can train new models
    • 2.3rd party model license


Panoramic Video  Conference Solution

360 Video Conference

  • *Main principal: Panoramic modes + UVC + UAC
  • *UVC ver.: 1.1 version
  • *UAC ver.: 1.0 version
  • *Panoramic features:
    • 1.Front 180 + rear 180
    • 2.P180 mode
    • 3.P360 mode + human face extraction blocks (need face detection or audio array support)

360 mode

LTE Connected Car  DVR

Live Video Streaming

Demo Videos